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Disk Brake Coupling  
Disk Brake Coupling
Brake discs, brake drums, several couplings and hubs.
The coupling is designed to be driven with electro-motors, medium shocks, irregular load, e.g. for hoisting systems, conveyors, cranes, pumps and ventilators.
  • Elastic couplings with flexible star, three and five part version (ALC & AFC).
  • Pin couplings(APC).
  • Flexible buckle couplings (S).
  • Gear couplings (ZKES).
  • Lamella couplings (ASC).
Drum Couplings  
Drum Couplings
The drum coupling of the Sibre ABC-V series is especially designed for the use in rope drum drives.
It is used for the transfer of medium and high torques as rope drum couplings in crane hoisting gear, conveyance, stackers, ship unloaders, container cranes as well as in heavy, rough smelting works.
Torques of up to 1025 kNm and radial loads of up to 550 kN can be transferred with a maximum coupling diameter of 1025 mm.
The design of the SIBRE drum coupling is performed on the basis of the steel-iron-guidelines (Stahl-Eisen-Betriebsblatt) SEB 666 212.
The exchangeability regarding connection dimensions with series on the market is
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