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Snag Load Protection SLP  
Snag Load Protection SLP
Detection and release of upcoming snag load Complete hoist drive protection.
  • Ultra fast response time for maximum safety.
  • Protection performed before inertia affects steel structure and ropes
  • No manual re-coupling or other inventions
  • Minimally invasive intervention in crane PLC
  • Advanced 360 degree sensor technology
  • Completely installed in the hoist
  • Suitable for retrofit of STS cranes


Hoisting Phase   Step 1 – Hoisting Phase
SLP Sensors Monitoring
Upcoming Snag   Step 2 – Upcoming Snag
Detect upcoming snag by inclinometer and accelerometer sensors plus load cells for redundand detection.
Unique Anticipation System   Step 3 – Unique Anticipation System
Safer & lower stress in drive chain due to anticipation using sensors located near by upcoming snag.
The Fastest Reaction   Step 4 – The Fastest Reaction System
Fast detection & Fast Closing. Total Reaction time 150ms aprox.
Redundant Detection System   Step 5 – Redundant Detection System
Additional security by second path detection using Load Cells.
SMART SIBRE Monitoring, Analysis & Remote Technology  
SMART SIBRE Monitoring, Analysis & Remote Technology
SMART provides remote monitoring of all SIBRE brake systems in a crane, in several cranes or in several ports from anywhere in the world via internet.
Combining state-of-the-art sensor and bus technology with advanced internet network, database storage and data security technology, SMART provides a powerful tool for terminal operators, who want to permanently and remotely monitor Sibre brake system in ports from anywhere in the world via the internet, whether this is from pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Remote monitoring of several complete terminals via internet.
  • Optimizes the deployment of maintenance teams.
  • Scheduled maintenance checklists & tasks with data collection .
  • Avoids unplanned downtime.
  • Analysis & statistics based on long—term storage of brake data in database application.
  • Maximum data, network and data base security.
Monitoring In The Crane Remote Monitoring Remote Sibre Service
Status Monitoring System SMS/Intelligent Brake Control IBC  
Status Monitoring System SMS / Intelligent Brake Control IBC
The status Monitoring System SMS uses monitoring switches, contacts, temperature sensors and DMS-technology to permanently read the actual status of the brake. It is suitable for USB, TEXU and SHI brakes.


  • Suitable for USB, SHl, TEXU
  • Strain gage technology (load pin)
  • Reads actual brake status: Manual release, pad wear limit, brake open, brake closed, linings temperature,reserve stroke, critical stroke, clamping force


  • Linear, progressive or degressive deceleration curve available
  • Soft braking without peak loads
  • Virtually identical deceleration curve and braking time under varying load condition
  • Simple installation (as well for retro fitting of drive components) 

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